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Your body language can be more effective than words

If you happened to find yourself in a conflicting situation, be mindful that you have more than two options: offence or surrender. We, women, are endowed with grace and flexibility and we better use it! Hence, we could use our body language not to provoke, but to hold our ground instead.

A very effective technique, which will bring your opponents to their knees is ‘look of Sphinx’. Why Sphinx? Well, according to a legend, Sphinx used to ask random bypassers questions and if they did not respond he wouldn’t leave them alone. He would maintain friendly, but silent and just look at his bypassers without saying a word. This would drive them crazy. The more uncomfortable they felt, the more intense the look would become. So, if you happen to find yourself in a provoking situation and you don’t feel like arguing or proving your point, give them the ‘Sphinx look’. Be silent, maintaining a stiff, hold your head straight and look your opponent right in the eyes.

The longer you maintain that look, the more uncomfortable your opponent will feel. He’ll start to wonder: „Why is she silent? What’s wrong with her? She must be up to something.” If you maintain this body language long enough, your opponent will finally succumb to this pressure and start a conversation as opposed to a conflict.

As always, stay powerful and charming,

Raimonda Trump


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