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How powerful is a well-fitted dress?  

It’s powerful enough to change the world around you. 

As women, we all face difficulties and challenges.  


Silent conditions that eat away at our self-confidence and play with our emotional health.  


I was just like that. Going through the silent condition of endometriosis and sitting on the kitchen floor, unable to pull myself together.  


But I never realized how much confidence an article of fabric can add.  


Inspiration and empowerment quickly followed as I looked at myself in the mirror. I couldn’t believe it. And others noticed it, too.  

I wanted to share that empowering feeling with women worldwide and thus, NOMI FAME was born.  


I want you to experience that feeling of lighting up a room as you walk in graceful and glowing.   


NOMI FAME dresses that are free from regulations, market guidelines or any other restrictions, made completely from scratch and personally for you, by people who understand. 


You already have the strength to face any problem…  


I want to give you that additional, uplifting reminder in the shape of a stunning, elegant, and iconic dress. 


You got this. Put it on and see how the world around you changes.  

Yours Truly,

Raimonda Trump



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